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"Bill Bitz has been my "go to" home inspector for over 10 years. There are so many things that are important in finding a good inspector and Bill has all the characteristics that I look for. He is always on time, in fact he is usually there before I am. He knows city row homes just as well as he knows county detached homes. And if there is a way, he'll get on the roof! He has experience in septic and well systems. He has taught me over the years about outlets, double tapped breakers, polybutylene pipes, water cleaning systems, termite mud tubes, plumbing boots, chimney liners, and more! His knowledge goes across the spectrum and makes my clients feel comfortable asking questions. I have called him to ask about certain repairs and he is always quick to return my call. His friendly nature is also great at reading my clients. He is good with first time home buyer's FATHERS! You know the ones that think they are inspectors... And at the same time he is patient with the super smart "Engineer" types that require seeing everything. He is good with clients that don't know what to ask. Bill always points out good maintenance practices, like keeping a backdoor drain clear or how easy it is to grade the grounds. You know you are a good home inspector when I get referrals who say, "I was told to call you and make sure you call Bill for my inspections!"     ---Suzie Coronel, Realtor, RE/MAX Preferred

"Very thorough inspection. Bill is very client friendly and well liked among all clients. Highly recommend to anyone even considering this all important investment."      Randy Pomfrey, Realtor, Cummings & Co.


"I started using Bill Bitz 7 years ago when I got into this business and still to this day have never seen anyone better.  I have been to a lot of home inspections and seen a lot of inspectors work and none compare to Bill Bitz.  He is extremely thorough and knowledgeable.  I personally had him inspect my own home purchases through the years and even my investment properties.  A home inspection is one of if not the most important part of the home buying process and I wouldn't trust that job to anyone but Bill Bitz with Discover It Home Inspections."    

--- Lindsey Baugher, Realtor, Re/Max First Choice


"As a single mom, I was very nervous when it came time to buy my own home. Bill was very reassuring and explained everything. I highly recommend him to any buyer that wants an informative inspection!" ---- Tiana N., Middle River, MD

"I wanted to thank Bill for the home inspection that you performed for my family. The overall process of purchasing a home is a daunting task, especially when it is your first home and you have never been through the process before. I was very impressed by the thoroughness of your inspection and in the manner that you went through each step. I was also impressed and very thankful for the amount of time you spent with me, my husband and my father. You made sure to explain everything you were doing and the tips you gave on home maintenance throughout the process."
----Katherine S., Parkville, MD

"Thank you for being able to do the home inspection on such short notice and on a Sunday!  Makes me feel at ease since the bank didn't leave too much time to perform the inspection. I look forward to using you again for future inspections.  Hopefully, I will be able to pick up another house by the end of the year. I wish you both the best of luck branching out on your own.  By the way, I really like the computerized reports and how easy to read and sort through all of the sections of the inspection."     ---Tom E., Baltimore, MD

"I purchased an older home in the beginning of July and Bill did an exemplary job with the house inspection. He found a crack in my chimney and recommended that I have this looked into further even though it wouldn't stop the buying process from going through. Luckily for me he noticed this as it needed about $4000.00 worth of work that I had the seller take care of before my settlement. Overall excellent experience with DiscoverIt Home Inspections and I would highly recommend their services."     --- Charles P., Baltimore, MD

"Bill is great! I had the pleasure of working with him through my realtor, Suzie Coronel for my condo purchase. Being that this is my very first home purchase, I was nervous and a little skeptical, but once we got started, I knew I was in good hands! He is a great teacher, extremely thorough and honest, and does his best to point out every little thing that may be of concern. After doing a walk through with him, I felt confident and understood what I would be getting into once I moved in. Thank you SO much for making this an easy process."    --- Erika L., Owings Mills, MD

​"I am in the process of buying my first home and had the pleasure of working with Bill for the home inspection. I would recommend him to anyone for their inspection needs. He was on time, thorough, and answered any questions I had throughout the inspection. He also went above and beyond by explaining things I should've already known about a house- like how to shut off the power supply, the water supply, how to fix a polarized outlet, and how to safely turn down the water temperature on the hot water heater. I felt 100 times better about my first home buying experience after this inspection. Thank you so much to both of you and I will be recommending your company!"     --- Jessica M., Perryville, MD

"Thank you Bill and Tasha for going above and beyond for our home inspections. Bill was very thorough and gave many tips/recommendations during our initial inspection. Our bank requested a 2nd and 3rd inspection, and Bill went back in both times with less then 24 hours notice. Tasha was very friendly and helpful when I talked to her on the phone. We will recommend you to anyone we know looking for an inspector, and will definitely use you again in the future. Thank you guys again, we really appreciate you accommodating us into your busy schedule!"     ---  Jennifer R., Catonsville, MD