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What is a Consultation?
A consultation is a one hour appointment with our inspector.  This could be a Pre-Offer service, such as a Walk and Talk, a Limited Component testing, or Trouble-shooting of an existing problem.  Basically, you choose what we do.  A consultation is NOT a HOME INSPECTION.  Bring your notepad/camera, as no report will be generated for any of these services.

Pre-Offer Walk and Talk
The inspector will walk through the property (exterior and interior) and talk you through what he sees. Use of tools is limited. Absolutely no testing of components within the home unless seller has granted permission. 

Limited Testing
If the seller is specifically granting access to mechanical testing, the inspector can do limited testing of the major components of the home, or can focus attention to your requested areas. This is NOT a HOME INSPECTION. Our recommendations for one hour includes:

  • Roof (visual inspection from ground with binoculars or inspected with ladder if time permits)

  • Plumbing – confirm hot/cold water at fixtures with no visible leaks, operate toilets, visual inspection of water heater, identify material of supply and distribution pipes

  • Electrical – limited to service cable and panel only

  • Structural – observations of accessible structural components will be performed (joists, subfloor, beams, piers and other framing members)

  • HVAC – system will be operated as weather permits using thermostat controls only. When accessible, HVAC cover will be removed and interior viewed

  • Appliances are EXCLUDED from testing​​