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Baltimore County Rental Inspections

Baltimore County requires all rental properties be registered and inspected.

As part of the inspection process, Discover It Home Inspection will provide

landlords and property managers with a completed Baltimore County

Rental License Inspection Sheet and date stamped photos of the property.  

NEW Inspection Requirements!

     1. ​ Interconnected, hardwired and battery backup smoke detectors on each level and outside of sleeping areas (if built after                    7/2013, must be located IN sleeping areas) smoke detectors must be same manufacturer and less than 10 years old

     2.  Carbon monoxide detectors must be present on all levels and audible in sleeping areas

     3.  No electrical wires visible

     4.  Hot and cold water in kitchen and bathrooms

     5.  All plumbing components are free of leaks

     6.  All toilets flush

     7.  Furnace is operational

     8.  Railings present at interior and exterior locations that have 3 or more steps

     9.  Sleeping quarters in basement has a secondary means of escape (exterior door with thumb turn lock or window satisfying                 additional requirements)

   10.  Free of immediate threats to health or safety

​​Inspection Sheet - PRE-INSPECT your rental property